Newsmax: Sen. Lankford: Border Deal May Land This Week

January 8, 2024
Newsmax: Sen. Lankford: Border Deal May Land This Week

By Nick Koutsobinas

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., is working as the GOP’s point man on negotiating President Joe Biden’s supplemental spending request in the upper chamber. Biden’s request seeks to tie border security with aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

Lankford told “Fox News Sunday” that “text, hopefully this week” for the related bill will be available. “Everybody will have time to be able to read and go through it. No one’s going to be jammed in this process. This agreement has to work. Everyone’s counting on this actually working.

“If we can pass this in the days ahead in the Senate and send it over the House, the House can work to improve it. Or the House can take a serious look at it and say, ‘Look, this makes real progress on the border; let’s go get this, bank this, and then keep going for more,'” he added.

Politico reported that Lankford, alongside Sens. Kyrsten Sinema, I-Ariz., and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., and the Biden administration, are negotiating toward an agreement that could raise the standards for claiming asylum and potentially instill a policy for authorities to expel illegal migrants. Additionally, the agreement would provide significant resources for border adjudication and staffing.

Nonetheless, the three senators have been negotiating continuously for several weeks; and while Lankford claims Congress will have plenty of time to read the bill, it comes on the heels of the Senate’s return on Monday from holiday break. Lawmakers will be facing a government shutdown and a deadline that will soon become the main focus in Washington.

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