National Border Patrol Council Endorses James

February 18, 2022
National Border Patrol Council Endorses James
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Today, the National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd issued the following statement after the NBPC officially endorsed James reelection:

We are proud to endorse Senator James Lankford’s campaign for re-election for the U.S. Senate in Oklahoma. James has been an outspoken advocate for border security, public safety, and the men and women on the frontlines of protecting the homeland. He continues to voice the concerns of the men and women of the National Border Patrol Council at a national level, bringing much-needed light to the ongoing crisis at the border.

We need more leaders in this country like James. He has exposed the billions of dollars that President Biden has wasted by not building the border wall. He has called for the expansion of technology along the border so we have the tools to stop the cartels and their deadly smuggling operations. He continues to keep the Department of Homeland Security accountable for their lack of planning to stop the crisis at the border, and he is a consistent voice in the Senate to ensure that what is happening along our border is not forgotten.

James has stood firm in support of border security, which directly impacts both the national and economic security of this great nation. We know he will continue to stand firm. He is a true friend of the National Border Patrol Council and our mission.

The National Border Patrol Council asks all Oklahomans to vote for James Lankford to ensure we are able to simply enforce the law and do our jobs.

Brandon Judd

President, National Border Patrol Council

You can read the full release here.