Faith and Family Leader Endorses Lankford

September 14, 2021
Faith and Family Leader Endorses Lankford

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Families for James Lankford announced today the endorsement of Dr. James Dobson, a highly respected faith, family, and evangelical Christian leader.

“Dr. Dobson has been a mentor and a leader to many Americans on how to lead and protect families for future generations, including myself. I am honored to have his support as I work to protect our Oklahoma values in Washington, DC. The future of being able to live our faith freely, protect our family values, and defend life are issues we have to lean into. Dr. Dobson’s friendship has set the foundation for me to protect our deeply held beliefs,” said James Lankford.

Dr. Dobson penned a letter to announce his endorsement.

Dear Friends, 

It is my pleasure to be among the many conservatives who are supporting James Lankford’s bid for re-election to the United States Senate for the state of Oklahoma.

Senator Lankford is a solid conservative. I’ve gotten to know him personally and it is evident that he has a strong faith. He has supported legislation which bolsters the institution of the family and will stand against any that tears it down. Senator Lankford is also unwaveringly pro-life and can be counted on to be a voice for the unborn. 

For years, I have joined millions of people across America in praying that God would raise up leaders to restore this great nation. I am excited that sEnator Lankford answered that call and has stepped up to offer his services to the people of Oklahoma. 

As a private individual, I am honored to endorse Senator James Lankford, and pray that his re-election will continue a new generation of leaders who will return this nation to the constitutional principles upon which it was founded.  

Lankford has consistently voted and lead to defend conservative values in the US Senate. Lankford testified against the Equality Act, which aimed to remove protections on people of faith and would negatively impact women by codifying abortion on demand in federal law. As chair of the Senate Values Action Team, he constantly advocates for the unborn and for pro-life Americans. He has criticized HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra for his abortion extremism and for violating US law of people who do not want to pay for abortions.