Biden’s ‘foolish policy mistake’ with Russia could give nuclear capabilities to Iran, Sen. Lankford warns

March 24, 2022

From Fox Business

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., joined “Mornings with Maria” Wednesday to discuss America’s need for energy independence and the risks associated with moving forward with the controversial Iran Nuclear Deal. During his appearance, Lankford argued that opening up to Russia is a “foolish policy mistake” and could allow nuclear weapons to fall into Iran’s hands.

SEN. JAMES LANKFORD: We’re tracking all this. I was just on the Senate floor last week talking about this. I continue to be able to push it, but you’re right. The Russians are actually negotiating on our behalf, dealing with Iran. It is the ultimate, horrible foreign policy mistake, again, opening up access to Russia and to Iran to be able to continue to communicate, to be able to allow nuclear weapons into Iran. It’s a foolish mistake.