James Lankford is a strong conservative and servant leader who is committed to God, Family and the Constitution.

Since being elected to the United States Congress and serving on several committees, James has worked diligently, studying each issue facing Congress and its impact on the families of our State. He has earned the respect of his conservative colleagues for his knowledge on budget issues and his work on eliminating wasteful government spending.

While remaining passionate about life and traditional family values, James has become a strong voice for fiscal discipline and accountability in the federal government. He has emerged as a leader in fighting government regulations that are suffocating business and weakening the economy.

Prior to Congress, James served as director of Falls Creek Youth Camp from 1996 to 2009, the largest youth camp in the United States and the pride of Oklahoma. Falls Creek hosts students from all 77 counties of Oklahoma. James has been married to his bride Cindy for over 20 years. Together, they have two wonderful daughters: Hannah and Jordan. James is unashamedly Christian in his worldview and daily life. He enjoys spending time with his family, sport shooting, and reading.